27 Oct

Why Should Learn to China?

The famous saying “learn to get to China” might inspire the students of Jakarta so that they meet the “13th China Education Fair 2011” arena held by the Beijing Language and Culture Institute in Jakarta. There are 12 leading universities in China participating in the exhibition, among them Harbin Institute Technology which is one of the universities that donate most of the “China Bamboo Curtain” space project.

According to the Director of the Beijing Language and Culture Institute (BLCI) President Samuel Wiyono, the study in China has its own appeal in the eyes of Indonesian students and the world. This is due to the image of China’s development, especially in the field of business and technology so rapidly.

“The universities in China will be attracting interest from many countries because the country is very well developed, the technology field is also very good because it will launch the spacecraft,” said Samuel.

According to Samuel, business studies courses are still a favorite, followed by courses in engineering, such as civil engineering and mechanical engineering. “Obviously the science of Chinese business is very well known. While other countries are troubled, China remains stable,” he said.

He admitted that based on his experience in organizing Chinese education exhibition, many Indonesian students directly apply to visit the exhibition because some universities offer relatively affordable tuition and dormitory, which is around Rp 14 million per year. There is also a boarding scholarship program for students applying for the exhibition.

“In fact, they also have the opportunity to get direct scholarships up to Rp 14 million in certain universities, and free application fees at some universities,” he said.

Samuel admitted universities in China are very aggressively attract students from Indonesia because Indonesia is considered as a very potential market. This is partly due to the large population in Indonesia. In addition, Indonesian students are considered to have more competence than students from other countries.

“According to many universities in China, Indonesian students are diligent and serious in studying, diligent, and have many achievements compared to students from other countries, so that universities in China feel the need to continue promoting in Indonesia,” said Samuel.

The twelve universities participating in the exhibition include Harbin Institute Technology, Shenyang Aeroscape University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Dongbei University Finance Economics-Dalian, Shandong University, and Science Technology Qingdao.

In addition, there is Nanjing University of Science Science Technology, Nanjing University Aeronautics Astronautics, Nanjing Audit University, Blue Mountains Hotel School-Suzhou / Tianjin, Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University-Suzhou, Ningbo University, and Jiangxi Normal University Nanchang.