10 Mar

Reasons Why Integrating Technology In The Classroom Is A Must

It’s no secret that technology is becoming the norm for the way we operate in today’s society. It’s hard to find an office location that doesn’t have at least a few technology items to make the process smoother. However, technology integration into the classroom has been lagging far behind. Integrating technology into the classroom is something that should be done soon for many relevant reasons.

The main advantage of including technology in the classroom is to get children acquainted with it early in their life. As more businesses are relying on individuals with the knowledge of technology, acquainting students early will allow them to develop the basics skills of utilizing it. Essentially, this early contact will give students a fresh start in honing their skills and making them more likely to be hired for jobs after they complete their schooling.

By utilizing technology, teachers can better expand the tools they have to teach their students. Whether it’s web chatting with an accomplished author or showing off an educational video, technology is a way to bring lessons to life. This tool is overly essential for those schools where funding for field trips and other educational ventures is lacking. Teachers at these low-income schools are providing field trips via virtual reality glasses where students can explore multiple locations.

Hands-on learning has been proven more effective than passive learning. The traditional lessons on the chalkboard have been seen as a major source of passive learning. While some students are able to learn this way, many have trouble both learning and retaining the information they gather through this method. When using technology, students can learn through hands-on training. Whether it’s a short test or various videos, technology can let students be in control of how they learn.

A major reason that technology should be integrated into the classroom is to assist teachers in obtaining real-time feedback from their students. A quick classroom pool or short quiz can let the teacher know if their students are actually retaining the knowledge their teaching. With this real-time feedback, teachers can easily adjust their teaching styles to better suit individual students. This also allows teachers to quickly identify the students who are not fully understanding the material and assist them in doing so.

The last major benefit of integrating technology into the classroom is that it creates an equality among all the students. With traditional teaching methods, there was a diversity in the student body between those who had free access to technology and those who didn’t. With a tablet locker in the classroom, all students have access to the same types of technology to complete their work. This can greatly improve the education of those students who simply don’t have access to these technological devices at home.

Technology is one of the highly debated topics when it comes to school integration. As you can see, there are many benefits that can be gained from integrating technology into everyday schooling. It’s important to remember that teaching life skills is a must in the K-12 sector.