6 Nov

Learn About Potential Job Openings at Companies Making Supplements for Pets

People who are interested in working in a field that is helpful to dogs and cats have numerous options. One possibility that doesn’t involve working directly with animals is obtaining a job at a company that manufactures supplements for canine and feline customers. Nutritional and herbal products can have many benefits for pets, just as they do for humans. To get a sense of what it would be like working for such an organization, an interested individual might view the website www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-NuVet-Labs-EI_IE617141.11.21.htm.

While reading the description of what the company does, this person may become intrigued about the products and want to order some for the dogs and cats residing in the home. Especially when animals get into their senior years, veterinarians often recommend adding supplemental products to the diet to improve their quality of life in various ways. Some products provide support for the joints, for instance, and others for the immune system.

There aren’t always positions available at these kinds of organizations, but potential applicants can set up alerts letting them know by email when jobs do open up. They also may want to set aside a bit of time every week to check jobs and careers pages of the companies of particular interest. Alerts also can be set up with job search websites.

What types of positions do these companies have? Sales and customer service are often mentioned in job listings for pet supplement manufacturers. Sales representatives, also called account reps, account managers or account executives, have the responsibility of making sure their clients who sell the company’s products in their stores or through an online retail shop remain satisfied. They also work to gain new clients to sell the product line. Customer service reps assist individuals who have bought an item and have questions. They may converse with customers by phone or email, or through an online chat. Sometimes lab-related positions open up. These jobs might be in research and development to expand into other products. Companies such as NuVet may expand their items to include a line of shampoos formulated for dogs and cats, for example.