9 Aug

How Compounding May Assist Weight Loss Efforts

Each year, millions of people, all over the world, try to lose weight. They may try a myriad of different products and methods, but unfortunately, many fail. Rather than giving up, they may need to try something new. Compounding may be able to help individuals with insulin, adrenal or thyroid gland issues to finally lose weight and live a healthier life. Learn more about how compounding may help in weight loss efforts here.

Helping to Maintain Thyroid Levels

If a person is diagnosed with hypothyroidism, it means they are suffering from low levels of their thyroid hormone, which can result in fatigue, sore joints and muscles, fluid retention, depression, constipation, weight gain and slowed metabolism. In addition to the weight gain, it can result in a person being too tired to work or workout.

With compounding, the issues can be reduced by providing the body with a serious of natural hormones. In a way, this can “trick” the body into thinking that it is producing the hormones naturally, which will reduce weight gain and other side effects of this medical condition.

Restoration of the Adrenal Glands

Another gland that may wreak havoc on a person’s ability to lose weight is the adrenal glands. If a person is diagnosed as having adrenal hormone dysfunction, they may suffer obesity, cancer, autoimmune disorders and allergies. The adrenal glands have a role in turning all carbohydrates and fats into actual energy. However, if a person suffers from adrenal fatigue, it will halt the transformation process and result in the body retaining the fats. Compounding will create natural adrenal hormones that are determined by a person’s unique needs. This will help reduce issues related to fat storage and allow an individual to lose weight once and for all.

The fact is, compounding offers quite a few benefits – aiding with weight loss is just one. If a person is interested in these services, they should speak with their doctor and pharmacist to determine if this is a viable option. Learn More here from Nick Bova about how compounding can help and the long-term benefits it may have for someone’s weight loss goals.