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At What Point Will You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer Some people wonder how a personal injury lawyer can help you and how you will know if you need their services. If you have suffered any injury which was caused by another person or of an organization, then it would be wise to seek professional legal advice and guidance as soon as possible. You are eligible by law to claim compensation for such injuries but if you don’t seek legal advice there is a very big chance that you will not be getting the right amount of compensation that you deserve. In the processing of claims, insurance companies usually offer the victim the bare minimum payment even though what you are entitled to receive is much greater than what they are offering you. And, if you accept whatever is offered to you then you will no longer be able to make additional claims that you may be entitled to. If you are now aware of this strategy of insurance companies, then you should not hesitate to hire a personal injury lawyer who will see to it that you get the exact compensation that you are entitled to receive. You should not sign any documents from the insurance company if you haven’t sought legal advice from a personal injury lawyer. You might not be able to pursue a common law claim if you sign the document, if it is a notice of assessment from work cover, which is worth much more and will compensate you much more sufficiently.
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Legal advice is free for everyone. With legal advice you will know your rights and how to be properly compensated under the laws in our own state. You can discover your legal right to compensation and find out how the compensation claims process works.
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So at what point do you need a personal injury lawyer? Straight away you should hire the services of a personal injury lawyer. You should consult one as soon as possible after your injury. The lawyer will assess your case to determine if you require the professional services of a personal injury lawyer or an injury law firm. If your case warrants the service of a personal injury lawyer then you can be taken on a contingency basis, or a no win-no fee basis. What this means is that the lawyer will not charge you any upfront cost or any costs while the case is in progress. It is only when you case is won and you have received the settlement payment that you pay your lawyer’s fee. A small percentage of the final settlement amount is usually required by the lawyer. This is the reason why you should immediately hire the services of a personal injury lawyer the moment you get injured because of somebody else’s actions. It is only through a personal injury lawyer will you learn how the compensation claims process works.