27 Oct

Why Should Learn to China?

The famous saying “learn to get to China” might inspire the students of Jakarta so that they meet the “13th China Education Fair 2011” arena held by the Beijing Language and Culture Institute in Jakarta. There are 12 leading universities in China participating in the exhibition, among them Harbin Institute Technology which is one of the universities that donate most of the “China Bamboo Curtain” space project.

According to the Director of the Beijing Language and Culture Institute (BLCI) President Samuel Wiyono, the study in China has its own appeal in the eyes of Indonesian students and the world. This is due to the image of China’s development, especially in the field of business and technology so rapidly.

“The universities in China will be attracting interest from many countries because the country is very well developed, the technology field is also very good because it will launch the spacecraft,” said … Read the rest

18 Jun

Increase Your Potential

There are many reason why you were not able to attend college after you graduated from high school. Sometimes money was the main issue or you simply might not have been ready for more school. Many 18 year olds have no idea what they want to do with their lives and can’t see spending four years and tens of thousands of dollars on something that they might not like. But as you get older and begin to find your way in life, the benefits of a college degree become apparent. You just need to get more information about how you can return to school.

Time can be a big factor when you are working to support your family and trying to find a way to go back to school. You can clearly see the benefits in increased earning potential and better benefits but making the time is the really hard … Read the rest