23 Nov

BrainZyme Review

Your brain, boosted

I took some tablets before breakfast yesterday.  This isn’t normal for me, I usually shy away from stuff as innocuous as multivitamins, so trying a ‘cognitive enhancer’ is something very much out of my comfort zone.  But a friend referred me to this product, called BrainZyme, and after a bit more digging I felt it might be worth a go.

It’s a bit vague of me to say ‘tablets’ – that could be anything from sugar pills to codeine.  More accurately, BrainZyme is a supplement.  Rather than being full of some pharmaceutical concoction, BrainZyme uses natural stuff like matcha tea, guarana and choline to help cognition.  I drink matcha semi-regularly, so it didn’t seem like too much of a leap to try a tablet containing it.

So I tried the ‘natural smart pills’, as some of their blog articles call their tablets.  I swallowed 3, ate … Read the rest

27 Oct

Why Should Learn to China?

The famous saying “learn to get to China” might inspire the students of Jakarta so that they meet the “13th China Education Fair 2011” arena held by the Beijing Language and Culture Institute in Jakarta. There are 12 leading universities in China participating in the exhibition, among them Harbin Institute Technology which is one of the universities that donate most of the “China Bamboo Curtain” space project.

According to the Director of the Beijing Language and Culture Institute (BLCI) President Samuel Wiyono, the study in China has its own appeal in the eyes of Indonesian students and the world. This is due to the image of China’s development, especially in the field of business and technology so rapidly.

“The universities in China will be attracting interest from many countries because the country is very well developed, the technology field is also very good because it will launch the spacecraft,” said … Read the rest